Welcome to Vejlby Fed Strand Camping
Fyn’s friendliest and most beautiful campsite

Welcome to Vejlby Fed Strand Camping, Fyn’s friendliest and most childfriendly campsite right down to one of the best beaches on beautiful Fyn. Imagine waking up to the sound of the waves crashing against the beach. Taking the first sip of a steaming cup of morning coffee while your family and the rest of the buzzing campsite wakes up around you.
Can you feel the calmness?

We are a child-friendly campsite on Funen with all the facilities needed to create a wonderful holiday for the whole family. Here you can safely let go of the children. Let them roam around on Mooncarts, tumble on the playground, splash in the pool or shop at the grocery store.

It is beach camping at its best. Here you will find camping with presence and cosiness. Camping with activities and relaxation.
All within a few minutes. And if you need a detour in the beautiful nature, you can easily get to both whale watching in the sound and bridgewalking
on the old bridge Lillebæltsbroen.

There are many beautiful campsites in Denmark. Also on Fyn. But there is only one Vejlby Fed Strand Camping. Here you get beach camping and a childfriendly campsite. Have your family holiday, short break or summer holiday at our campsite. Or stay overnight in one of our cabins.

Once again welcome to Vejlby Fed Strand Camping, we look forward to seeing you.

Jane and Torben, camping hosts

We have 6 electric charging stations from Clever right outside the door

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