Party tents

We have two party tents at Vejlby Fed Strand Camping. The large tent is located next to the parking lot and can accommodate 200 people. The tent has solid wood floors and tables and benches. The tent can be used for e.g. car meeting, caravan meeting or the big family reunion. The tent can be used free of charge if pitches or cabins are rented at the same time. In addition, we have the round tent with room for 50 people, the tent is located next to our 5-star cabins and is therefore very popular. If a family reunion is to be held and cabins are rented in this connection, the tent is free to use.

We also have a barbecue tent where three barbecues and tables / benches are set up. The tent is located in a place where there can be 8 caravans. The tent is very popular if family reunions or class events are to be held. The tent is free to use if you stay on the site. For one-day class events, 30, – pr. person.

Facts about the party tents
Large party tent 200 people – small party tent 50 people – barbecue tent with 3 grills – wooden floors – tables and benches.

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