European Destination of Excellence,
sustainable tourism pioneer 2022

First and foremost, we have an ambitious climate agenda – and we think about sustainability in all the places that are possible in urban development.

For example. we have Denmark’s first sustainable town hall.

We have a high level of certification in relation to sustainability in all our hotels.

All hotels work with the UN’s world goals and have created a strong community where they share knowledge and experiences.

We have the world’s largest concentration of whales, therefore it is one of the most important areas to take good care of, share knowledge about and improve living conditions in the water.

We make new rock reefs, biohuts (fish nurseries), voluntary sanctuaries and less noise in the sea.

We host the annual Climate People’s Meeting, which is both a national and international event.

Our citizens and visitors are our most important ambassadors, which is why we do a lot to increase awareness and disseminate knowledge about sustainability.

In general, citizens are committed and creative in helping to solve climate challenges.

We stand together on the sustainable agenda.

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