Bridgewalking is completely unique

Bridgewalking is something completely unique, because only in Lillebælt or in Sydney, Australia is it possible to walk on top of a bridge. Experience the height. The spectacular and unobstructed views. Enjoy the water, the ships and the view of land. The wind, the weather and the faint shaking of the bridge when the train arrives. The tour is a completely unique attraction and the first guests took the tour to the tops in May 2015.

Join us for a completely unique experience that starts at the welcome center. Here you will be greeted by knowledgeable guides who will prepare you for the fantastic trip you are going on. Yesterday from the Welcome Center to the old bridge Lillebæltsbroen, where you are connected to a security system – and then it goes up. Up to a height of 60 meters and out on the trip over the bridge. Along the way, the guide tells about the bridge’s architecture, history, construction and nature around the Lillebælt.

Everyone with Be Happy Pass and a children’s ticket to Bridgewalking gets a surprise when the trip is completed.

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